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  1. Now that we've sorted out the different definitions for each type of
  2. intelligence. I want you to try to match different professions that would
  3. really benefit from somebody who's highly intelligent in one of these areas.
  4. Here's a list of professions. Athlete, dancer, mechanic carpenter, navigator,
  5. pilot, architect, sculptor, botanist, ecologist, biologist, psychologist,
  6. politicians, writers. People who live contemplative lives such as rabbis,
  7. priest or monks or musicians, song writers and dancers. Scientists, engineers,
  8. accountants. Poets, writers, lawyers, politician and speech writers. Match each
  9. type of intelligence with a group of professions that you think would benefit
  10. most from being highly intelligent in this area. Now I know some of them come
  11. up twice so, for example dancer comes up twice here. But, look at the ones
  12. around it. And taken as a group, what type of intelligence do you think would
  13. be best?