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  1. This 14th verse:
  2. To make every effort;
  3. to be diligent He says.
  4. Be diligent.
  5. And in what direction?
  6. Well, you've got to seek
    food for your souls.
  7. You've got to get away...
  8. to a conference;
  9. travel a long distance to be here.
  10. Drive 15 hours.
  11. Drive through the night.
  12. Drive just to be here.
  13. And search for things that can nourish you
  14. and build up your knowledge
  15. and your graciousness.
  16. You don't want to be unfruitful
  17. and static, but there's a dynamism,
  18. and a maturing, and a beauty;
  19. and a fragrance,
  20. and a loveliness about your life.
  21. You're seeking for
    truths that will do that;
  22. that will produce love,
  23. and joy, and peace,
  24. and long-suffering, and gentleness,
  25. and goodness, and faithfulness,
  26. and meekness, and self-control.
  27. You've got to fall in love with the Bible.
  28. You've got to search it.
  29. You've got to ransack it.
  30. You've got to sit under the best ministry
  31. you can on a Sunday.
  32. You've got to read the best books.
  33. You've got to sit and listen
  34. to older Christians as they talk together
  35. and they reminisce
  36. about how God has dealt
    with them over the years.
  37. And learn from them
    the mysterious influence
  38. that one Christian can have over another.
  39. You seek good fellowship
  40. with other Christians,
  41. and you hunger after truth.
  42. You want the Word of God to come
  43. not in word only,
  44. but in power and the Holy Spirit
  45. and much assurance.
  46. Fall in love.
  47. Meditate upon Scripture.
  48. And, praying Scripture.
  49. So you read a verse like this,
  50. "But grow in the grace and knowledge
  51. of our Lord and Savior," and you say,
  52. "Lord, me too. I want to grow.
  53. I want to grow.
  54. This week, I've got a special time here;
  55. special privileges.
  56. Help me to grow
  57. in the grace and knowledge of my Savior,
  58. Jesus Christ."
  59. Because your souls won't grow
  60. without food.
  61. And there's no food for the soul
  62. like the Word of God.
  63. There's no place to be better
  64. than before the face of Jesus Christ.
  65. Taken from the 2018 Fellowship Conference.