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  1. We've made it to the end of this unit, well done. Here is our final exercise,
  2. which is a test. In a test, you first load the Overall Import File. This loads
  3. all the code you need. Then, you instantiate your top environment. So, for us
  4. it,s the route_env and we instantiate it in sys. So now .we've got a test
  5. bench. To control what's happening in a test, we use constraints. Our packet
  6. driver wakes up, and goes over all the packets to send. So, we can write
  7. constraints to control what happens. What I want you to do is to send 1 packet
  8. to output port 0. And the packet should have a payload of 5 bytes. Furthermore,
  9. the receiver wakes up and it responds when packets are available and it
  10. generates some sort of random delay. What I want you to do is make sure we have
  11. constraints here, that there is no push back. So, make sure you constrain the
  12. response delay of packet receiver, such that there is no delay.