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  1. Now I have a really challenging piece of software for you.
  2. I would like you to augment this to print something entirely different,
  3. which is the final solution.
  4. This is nothing to do with expand,
  5. and you have to implement a new delta structure for this similar to expand.
  6. Here is the output I would like to see.
  7. There is an arrow to the right, which is the optimal action to take in this cell over here.
  8. Again, this is ambiguous.
  9. There might be a different optimal action that is equally good,
  10. but my software picked the one to the right.
  11. Here I want to go down.
  12. This little v over here is an arrow down.
  13. An arrow to the right again, an arrow to the right, an arrow to the right,
  14. an arrow to the right, down, down, down.
  15. In the end we find a star, which indicates the location of the goal.
  16. Let me modify the maze.
  17. I'm closing up the wall over here, opening the wall down here, run it.
  18. Here is my policy.
  19. You can see in the grid this is the only way to make it to the grid over here.
  20. You should write for me a piece of software that outputs this specific thing over here.
  21. Part of this is the delta name that I kind of brushed over before.
  22. These four symbols over here are the ones being used
  23. to indicate arrows to the top, left, down, and right.
  24. They correspond to the four actions over here: go up, left, down, and right.
  25. So use those over here to print out the table over here.
  26. It's very, very nontrivial to write this, as you will find out.
  27. In the end it's not much code, but you have to carefully think about how to cache actions
  28. and how to assign them to this table over here.
  29. So take a while; do it.
  30. It's challenging.
  31. If you fail, not a big deal.
  32. You can completely understand how the lecture works and not sure of the code
  33. once you hit the submit button, and you move on.