I Will Not Stand By- POWERFUL Slam Poetry! | Gary Yourofsky

I Will Not Stand By- POWERFUL Slam Poetry! | Gary Yourofsky

This incredibly powerful slam poem was written by Gary Yourofsky in 1996 and is finally reaching the public in video form. Gary calls for us to face the reality of our actions both as a collective society and as individuals. We are the oppressors, the abusers, the murderers. We are the villains in this scenario. And we cannot and will not stand by. [Poem written out below]

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Gary’s Website: http://www.adaptt.org
Gary’s Famous Speech: http://youtu.be/U5hGQDLprA8

Full Poem:

The videos I've seen
Heinous and malicious
Images of carnage
Evil and wicked
Abattoirs of horror
Slashed throats and severed bodies
Dismembered heads and hooves
Mass killings so ungodly
The fur electrocutions
Anal and genital
Gassings and neck-breakings
The scenes are unfathomable
Baby seals being clubbed
For their skins we shall beat them
Foxes in steel traps
A leg chewed off for freedom
Is it elegant and glamorous
A death sentence for their beauty
Or repugnant and loathsome
That's injustice and iniquity
A cow ovariectomy
Without anesthetic
A pig being scorched
Burn research is pathetic
Toxicity tests in a rabbit's eyes
A circus elephant is beaten
In chains he cries
A mouse convulsing from a lethal injection
A live cat embalmed and used for dissection
Our compassion, unfocused
In a skewed direction
Medical research need not vivisection
A baboon dazed in a head injury lab
Researchers remorseless
Three of them laugh
It's the humans, the humans
Most horrifying of all
Blinded by their actions
Deafened to the calls
The reprehensible acts
Which I will never forget
The sinful atrocities on God's pets
It's not inconvenient
To care is magnanimous
To save a life is honorable
To issue death is blasphemous
I cannot and will not stand by without choice
I'll decipher their cries and be their voice

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