ISOC@IETF88: IPv6 - What Does Success Look Like?

ISOC@IETF88: IPv6 - What Does Success Look Like?

Internet Society Briefing Panel @ IETF 88: IPv6 -- What Does Success Look Like?

Date: Tuesday, 5 November 2013
Time: 11:45 am-12:45 pm (Vancouver), 19:45 - 20:45 UTC

As the world runs out of unused IPv4 addresses, the press has been on to deploy IPv6. Encouragingly, IPv6 deployment continues to increase. Traffic as reported by Google has more than doubled since we last spoke in Vancouver last summer. Major v6 deployments are well under way in North America, Japan, Singapore, Peru, and among several European operators. This is a significant gain in the last year.

The purpose of this panel will be to review the numbers afresh, see new perspectives on v6 deployment, reflect on the progress in the last year and a half, and begin to address the question of what "good" looks like for IPv6.

How much IPv6 traffic is "enough"?
Enterprise networks do not generate lots of traffic, but are heavily dependent on the Internet for outsourced services. Can we have a v6 Internet without enterprise deployments? What's stopping them?

Apart from backbone IPv6 traffic, what are the key milestones for IPv6 progress? E.g., the relationship between IPv6 deployment and (reduced) reliance on Large Scale NATs.


Leslie Daigle, CITO, Internet Society

John Brzozowski, Comcast Cable
Erik Nordmark, Arista
Chris Palmer, Microsoft

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