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  1. Well, let's go over it together.
  2. It looks temptingly like there might be a few left angle brackets,
  3. like this one or that one, but if you look carefully,
  4. you'll see that those are both part of the comment, so it's as if they were never there,
  5. so we don't see any left angles.
  6. We do see a left angle slash over here at the end of the string.
  7. Any right angles?
  8. Yes, right here at the absolute tail end of the string,
  9. but note that this one in here did not count.
  10. Any strings?
  11. "World" looks super tempting, but again, it's inside the comment, so it does not count.
  12. Word--and I've intentionally chosen these so that they conflict a little--
  13. word, both "hello" and "confusing" totally apply.