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best url rotator and link tracking


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best url rotator and link tracking
Professional Link Tracking Software for a good price.
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As a online marketer we need to:
1. Track clicks
2. split test...Use url rotator
3. Know your numbers to upscale

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This is flat out the best bang for your buck when it comes to url
rotating and link tracking.
You could get a, "Free URL rotator"
I'm just going to be honest those work but
they have ads and when your wanting to actually
building a email list the last thing you want is your
targeted traffic going to your competitors.

I really like clickmagick and they offer a free 14 day trial.
Make each click more profitable.
BIG...BONUS...more then just url rotator and click tracking
Clickmagick has pop up windows, timers...
A lot of fun tool to take charge of your online campaigns.

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