Bach, Violin Sonata in A major, 3rd mvt., BWV 1015 (with animated visual music display)

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The third movement of Bach's A major violin sonata, performed by Etienne Abelin and Dorothy Yeung, with a graphical score by Stephen Malinowski.

This video was recorded on October 24, 2012, at Blok Zürich, a club in Zürich, Switzerland. Stephen (me, smalin) is controlling the timing of the animation with a crank. The woman walking around shooting video is Nadja Schnetzler (who was the master of ceremonies for an evening of visualized chamber music held at the club the following day). The video she is shooting can be viewed here (this shows what's on the screen at the left, and lets you see what Stephen is doing):

The video screen seen at the far left is what the audience sees (the wide version at the top was added later for this video). The colors in the animation work with Chromadepth 3D glasses, which is what some of the people in the video (including Etienne) are wearing. Some background on Chromadepth 3D (and other videos) is here:

Here is some video of Etienne describing the project, and of his first in-person meeting with Stephen (they'd communicated by email and Skype many times before):

The rehearsal was for our performance at TEDx Zürich 2012. Here is the TEDx page about the project and the performers
and here are some photos from the TEDx live stream
(click "Newer" to see the ones following).
I will post a link to the TEDx video of the event when it becomes available.
Here is a video about the live-performance software (and crank) ...
... which I made for KQED's "Making Of ..." series.