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  1. This table is about individual
    animals that live at a particular zoo.
  2. The first row says that the zoo
    has a gorilla named Max,
  3. who was born on April 13th of 2001.
  4. That's three pieces of data
    that are all related, and
  5. that there all about the same gorilla.
  6. Every row has three pieces of
    data fitting the same pattern.
  7. Notice that it's totally possible for
    two animals to have the same name.
  8. Max the gorilla isn't the same
    animal as Max the moose.
  9. When we create a table in a database,
    we'll give the table a name.
  10. This one's named animals.
  11. The name of the table and the names and
  12. types of the columns,
    make up what's called the table header.
  13. These aren't values in the table,
  14. they just tell us what
    the data in the table means.
  15. The body of the table consists
    of any number of rows, and
  16. each row contains a value for
    each column.
  17. Let's see a little more of the table and
    do a bit of a quiz.