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  1. So let's talk about divided attention.
  2. >> You know, I'm going to tell you a little story
  3. about dorm room Debbie from lesson two. And we're going to
  4. talk about how we create a great experience to not
  5. violate the constraint of our users having a divided attention. So
  6. imagine we have dorm room Debbie, she's late for class.
  7. With a latte in one hand, her smart phone in
  8. the other hand, and carrying a lot of books. On
  9. her way to class she has to cross several busy streets,
  10. so her attention is very split between all these things. Then she gets
  11. a notification on her Android smart phone. It's from her library app, telling
  12. her she has a book overdue. So imagine you made this library app
  13. for Debbie. How would you notify her that her library books are overdue?