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  1. >> I think when people are choosing
    between growth or monetization.
  2. They think that decision applies
    to every single kind of company.
  3. And I think for
  4. some companies it makes sense that
    you're going to pursue growth.
  5. And I think the way you're thinking
    about growth is in terms of people who
  6. decide to hold off on
    monetization until later.
  7. And usually that means that you have
    to build some other kind of asset,
  8. that allows you to sell.
  9. So, for example, social networks
    are the easiest one, right?
  10. The thing you ultimately the way you're
    going to monetize that is your audience
  11. or your user base and that
    information that you have from there.
  12. And the only way you're going to get
    that is if you have a large amount of
  13. information.
  14. And so you focus on growth in
    regards to getting people and
  15. getting people engaged and
    what have you.
  16. And then the monetization will
    happen because you finally have
  17. product market fit where advertisers
    say, this is enough information or
  18. data, this is enough audience that
    we're willing to pay for this.
  19. Most B2B companies or enterprise
    companies, you don't think like that.
  20. It's actually far more straightforward.
  21. It's a one-to-one relationship.
  22. I'm making something,
    I'm making a service.
  23. And on whatever parameters that you
    think your paid upgrade trigger is,
  24. whether it's convenience or
    it helps you make more money or
  25. it saves you on time or energy or
    people or cost savings.
  26. That one-to-one relationship is a lot
    more straightforward and you can say oh,
  27. that obviously it makes sense.
  28. It's this for that.