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  1. So next, I will attempt to make my program wait for a certain period of time.
  2. To find about this, I went back to
  3. Google, and then typed python make my program wait.
  4. One of the first links there was this
  5. website called stackoverflow.com. Now this will soon become
  6. one of your favorite websites as a programmer.
  7. it suggested to use something called time.sleep which suspends
  8. the program for a given number of seconds. Okay, back to the program. Now since
  9. I'm still in testing phase I will try to suspend the program only for about ten
  10. seconds; we can change this number later. I also know that I have to import the
  11. time module. Okay, let's save this and run. Alright.
  12. It seems like the program is waiting for a few seconds before it
  13. opens the web browser.
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  16. Another item bites the dust.