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  1. Hi, I'm Sam.
  2. >> And I'm Andy.
  3. >> And we literally just got done filming this class.
  4. >> And the way we built this class was basically, Sam along with some
  5. help from Mario, taught me how to build an app using the SalesForce platform.
  6. And I was pretty blown away with how quickly we were able to build
  7. this powerful app, without writing any code, and even put it on our phones.
  8. >> The app we just built is an app that's made to manage
  9. a music festival. We chose this app because, honestly, it sounded like it
  10. would be a lot of fun. And building a music festival app requires
  11. the same mindset and the same skills that are required to build any app.
  12. >> I'm not a programmer. And I hadn't
  13. even heard of SalesForce before Sam started teaching me
  14. all of this. But after working for really only
  15. a few hours, I feel like I can actually
  16. build apps now. I am totally hooked, and you might be too, so
  17. if this sounds like something interesting to you, you should take the class.
  18. >> Let's build an app.