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  1. The only problem with delta debugging is that the test function is somewhat elaborate.
  2. It first must apply the patches to the code, then build the code, then run the test, and this again
  3. and again and again, which implies that your build facility must be automatic and of course,
  4. your version control system should also be able to produce
  5. exact and small differences between versions.
  6. There's even a version control system where such a scheme is already built-in.
  7. This is called git and the command git bisect will give you the exact change between two versions
  8. stored in git such that the old version will not have the failure and the new version will have the failure.
  9. So this does something very similar to delta debugging--pointing out the culprit,
  10. which has been changed such that the failure occurs.
  11. And now, for a quiz, assume that delta debugging gives you a failure-inducing change
  12. and you now go and undo the change that is revert to the previous version
  13. for these locations as returned by delta debugging.
  14. What is the effect--is it that the program builds normally, the failure no longer occurs,
  15. or is it that the problem is properly fixed.
  16. Check all that apply.