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  1. Okay, so that's cool. It actually worked, and we put the picture in, but.
  2. >> Right, and so, in the future, when people come back
  3. to this, they'll see what you posted and when, but also,
  4. if you go to your Home tab, anyone that is following
  5. this record would see that post come up in their feed.
  6. >> Oh, cool.
  7. >> So, you can see, right here. Yeah.
  8. >> So any information that I've decided was relavant to
  9. me will basically just always show up in this feed.
  10. >> Right. One other thing,
  11. remember we added that thing earlier to do feed tracking on specific fields.
  12. >> Mm-hm. Why don't you just, you know, just
  13. to see what that look like, try it out.
  14. >> Okay.
  15. >> So change maybe the crowd capacity to take a thousand more people.
  16. Andy Brown changed Crowd Capacity from 5,000 to 6,000.
  17. >> Really useful, right?
  18. >> That is pretty cool.
  19. >> And anyone following this, again, would see that too.