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  1. For this problem, imagine that we have a skier on this really steep slope
  2. that's 90 meters tall and he comes to this ramp of height 10 meters
  3. that makes an angle α with the ground.
  4. I want you to tell me using your knowledge of energy and two dimensional motion
  5. how far away from the ramp will the skier land--what's this distance d?
  6. Measured from where the skier lands to the bottom of the of ramp when he took off.
  7. Put your answer here and use 30 degrees for α and use 10 m/s² for g
  8. rather than 9.8 just so we're all in the same page.
  9. Now, you may end up having to use the quadratic equation in this problem.
  10. If you're out of practice with this or maybe you never learned it,
  11. check for links in the description for help on how to use the quadratic equation to solve this problem.