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  1. Data is the most essential part of statistics. Without data we couldn't do
  2. anything. So now we have data on how many hours you slept, your recognition
  3. score and your temporal memory score, and we have data values for each one of
  4. you who entered these scores. So the first person slept 7 hours, got a 91%
  5. recognition score and an 86% temporal memory score. So this row of data is for
  6. one person. The next person got 6.5 hours of sleep, a 95% recognition score and
  7. a 78 percent temporal memory score. And remember, that you can see this actual
  8. data if you click on the BBC results link. Anyway, so we have columns of data,
  9. and each row corresponds to one person. Hours slept, recognition score, and
  10. temporal memory score are called variables, because they vary across
  11. individuals. So now we're returning to the question. You have an exam tomorrow.
  12. Should you get a good night's sleep tonight? Does it matter?