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  1. Completing the square here is easy since, well the square is already completed
  2. for us, so I am not even going to bother using the quadratic formula all we need
  3. to do is modify the equations that it reads x minus 3 the quantity squared
  4. equals negative 16 then we just take the square root of both sides And of course
  5. we can't forget our plus or minus over here, on the right side. We can go
  6. through the same steps as we did in the past couple of quizzes, to end up with x
  7. minus 3 equals plus or minus 4i. Now here, to get x by itself, we just need to
  8. add 3 to both sides. And we end up with a final answer of x equals 3, plus or
  9. minus 4i.