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  1. So Nelsmah, let's talk about what context is. When we say context, we mean
  2. the context of the user, who's using
  3. your application on their Android smart phone.
  4. >> Yeah let's break it down into four things. The first aspect of context
  5. is, what is your user doing? Are they walking, running? Are they sleeping? Are
  6. they sitting? So the second part of context is, where is the user? This
  7. can be derived from GPS and you can get their latitude and longitude and
  8. there is information about the environmental conditions of where they're at
  9. that has an impact on this as well. So the third
  10. aspect of context is who or what is your user near?
  11. These are things like places that are near by. They're in a
  12. shopping mall, the stores they can visit. Or it's also people
  13. that they're nearby. So you can get this information from their
  14. circles and so on. The last and most obvious part of
  15. context is, who is your user? We can get this information if
  16. your user signed into Google+. We can get their
  17. name, their profile photo, when they were born, all kinds
  18. of things that they put in their profile. And we
  19. can also get who their friends are from their circles.
  20. >> So taking a lot of these aspects
  21. of user context into account. What application have you
  22. used that got one of these or multiple of
  23. these really right and it totally blew your mind?