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  1. For this quiz, you'll be building a new family tree.
  2. Okay, well, not really.
  3. But you'll be building a new DOM tree, which is kind of like the same thing.
  4. We've got a pretty simple DOM here.
  5. There are two nested divs and then another div with the ID of family1.
  6. And under family1, you can see the children and their children.
  7. But there's another family and it's going to be called family2.
  8. It doesn't exist yet and you're going to need to build it.
  9. You can see family2 has a child and that child has two children.
  10. So, for this quiz, I want you to build on the existing DOM tree so
  11. that the final one looks like what you see here.
  12. These are all divs that you'll be adding and
  13. you can see their IDs written right here.