20. The Battle for World Dominion

20. The Battle for World Dominion

This presentation begins a section of four lectures that deal with the battle between the seeds of the woman and the serpent, as illustrated in history and in the end time events of the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation.

In this sermon, Pastor Bohr examines this play and counterplay of history as revealed by symbols in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar's image in Daniel 2. This foundational chapter is the skeleton, framework and overview for all the rest of Bible prophecy. God is shown to overrule in history to defeat satan's purposes of world control. Each metal in the image represents a world empire in which each followed the other, thus confirming the historical flow interpretation of prophecy that opens up most clearly where we are in prophetic events.

A very interesting section of this sermon goes into detail on what the clay means that is mixed with the iron in the feet and toes of the image. This sermon will encourage you that God will work everything out for good in our complex world and He will win the battle in the end.

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