Ep. #286 BBB: Configure Serial Devices Part #3 - Ubuntu Snappy Core Image

Ep. #286 BBB: Configure Serial Devices Part #3 - Ubuntu Snappy Core Image

Here's the final part #3 in a 3 part series on how to configure and enable serial/com ports in snappy for a Beaglebone Black board.

This tutorial will explain how to build custom snappy core images that include everything you want. You learn how to make an oem.snap image with the new device tree that was created enabling the serial/com ports as outlined in the previous video tutorials. See what components are needed in order to build the snap, learn how important these files ( uEnv.txt, u-boot.img, readme.md, am335x-boneblack-serial.dtb, MLO and meta) are, and how to compile and modify them for your application.
Also learn the different terminal commands that are necessary to compile and build your .yaml file and others for your oem.snap. And finally what you need to do in order to get your snappy.img ready to write onto an SD card.
All the files that were used in this video, with instruction, can be found at my RoBoT J Tech github page: https://github.com/robotjtech

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