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  1. This being a course on software debugging, let's take a look at a software problem.
  2. Mozilla is the corporation that produces the well-known Firefox browser.
  3. In the early days of the browser, Mozilla was still in beta,
  4. and they got lots and lots of problem reports from their early customers.
  5. Here is bug report #24735.
  6. You already see from the number that they got very, very many bug reports.
  7. What would happen here is that a user would start the Mozilla browser,
  8. would go to the website bugzilla.mozilla.org,
  9. which actually holds all the bug reports, including this one, in Mozilla.
  10. The browser would render the Bugzilla webpage.
  11. There would be a link "search for bug" and users would click on it.
  12. Then a number of menus would appear say selecting the operating system,
  13. priority or severity, where you would be able to enter or select search terms
  14. before pressing the big search button.
  15. If the user would now, with this Bugzilla page open,
  16. select "Print" from the menu, then the entire browser would crash with a segmentation fault.
  17. Such bug reports were not exactly uncommon in the early days of Mozilla.
  18. There would always be some HTML input that would come from the web server
  19. and then be rendered as a webpage which the browser couldn't properly handle.
  20. Let's take a look at the HTML code for bugzilla.mozilla.org.