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  1. The next thing is revenue streams. How do you actually make money
  2. from your product and service being sold to customer segments?
  3. You know revenue streams basically ask the question what value is the customer paying for
  4. and then actually as you think about what's the strategy of how long I'm going to capture that value.
  5. Is it I'm going to just have a direct sale or it's a complete transaction based on price?
  6. Is it a free me model where I'm going to give away the product for free
  7. and hope that some portion convert later.
  8. Is it a license or subscription model?
  9. That revenue model is different than the pricing tactics.
  10. That is what is the dollar or pound amount or euro amount that I'm going to be charged.
  11. Again the only way to figure this out is being able to interact with
  12. tens or hundreds or thousands of customers so you finally understand
  13. what the right revenue streams and revenue model is.