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MARCH 15th, 2010, Anti-police brutality demo In Hochelaga _pt.2


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14th edition of the International Day Agaisnt Police Brutality demonstration in Montreal.
This one was organized in Hochelaga, a (fast-gentrifying) working class neighbourood of Montreal.
This second part shows the extent of the police mobilization and the police "tactic" of closing off all the accesses to the metro station, thereby sabotaging dispersal and forcing protesters to move on to the residential parts of the neigbourhood, where a short game of cat-and-mouse ensued. The cops also ensnared some 100 protesters before they could even disperse. They were charged with the 500.1 municipal bylaw, for "obstructing the road". The use of that particular bylaw to police and repress protests was ruled inconstitutional in 2015, and all charges were dropped.