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  1. Creating individual triangles by hand is pretty painful, as you probably noticed
  2. from the exercises so far. The most common way to generate geometric objects is
  3. to use a modeling program. Writing such program is the bread and butter for the
  4. company I work for, Auto Desk. Here, I'm using 3 studio max to create a number
  5. of basic objects including the tea polyhedron. There are plenty of other ways to
  6. acquire models. For example, laser scanners can be used to find a cloud of
  7. points. This data is then processed to make a mesh. Another method is to take a
  8. series of photos and have a program derive the shape of the object from these.
  9. Whatever process is used you normally end up with the geometric mesh of
  10. triangles. Within Web GL on 3JS, there's a whole process where you can take a
  11. mesh in some 3D file format and convert it to a form that Web GL can read. I
  12. could spend the next few units discussing this process, but it's not all that
  13. relative to interactive rendering itself. Take a look in the additional course
  14. materials for it to learn more about this.