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  1. Welcome to the coding portions of lesson three. In this
  2. lesson, we're going to learn how to use Objectify to
  3. save entities in the datastore. We're going to use entities of
  4. kind profile to save user profile information. And we're going to
  5. learn how to get the user ID of a logged
  6. in user to use it to generate a unique ID
  7. for the entity's key. Once we've created some data and
  8. saved it in the datastore, we're going to use the Datastore Viewer
  9. in the Admin Console to look at the data that we've saved. Make sure that
  10. it saved like we thought it would. And
  11. there's no point putting data into the datastore
  12. if you can't get it back out. So then we're going to learn how to get
  13. an entity out of the datastore if you
  14. know its key. Let's go create some profiles.