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12-04 Weekly_Business_Model_Canvas

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  1. Just as a reminder, what the teams will be starting with in Week 1
  2. is filling out the business model canvas and getting out of the building
  3. and testing their hypotheses about the value proposition, customer segments, and channel.
  4. In the next week they'll be testing customer relationships,
  5. revenue streams, and partners.
  6. And then in Week 3 they'll be looking at key resources, key activities, and cost structure.
  7. The thing to remember: that the goal is not to draw on the canvas.
  8. The goal is to get out of the building and use the canvas as a scorecard
  9. for the customer development activities that are going on in the Z axis
  10. and depth between each one of those canvas scorecards.
  11. You need to make sure your team is learning about who are those right customers,
  12. what are the right value propositions, what is the right revenue model.
  13. And it's the activity that they're doing outside the classroom.
  14. Now, the real winners in this program are not just the teams who get out
  15. and talk to lots of customers but those who actually turn the data into insight--
  16. that is, who see patterns, who realize, "Oh, it's not that 43 people liked it,
  17. "it's the 4 people who threw us out but said they would have paid a lot of money."
  18. "Maybe the business is over there."
  19. That's what you as mentors and you as facilitators are actually helping these teams see.