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  1. Hi, we hope you're now all excited to build
  2. scalable applications using App Engine and the Google Cloud platform.
  3. In this lesson, we'll get down to the nuts and
  4. bolts of everything, and have you deploy your first code
  5. to App Engine. This will involve an number of
  6. different steps, but don't worry, we'll all do it in
  7. a structured and orderly fashion to make sure you're on
  8. your way to become a rock star App Engine developer.
  9. So let's look at what we're going to do in
  10. this lesson. First, we're going to look at the App Engine development
  11. cycle and create an App Engine project where you can
  12. upload your code. Then we're going to look at cloud endpoints that
  13. allows you to create a backend that can work with
  14. any frontend device technology. After that, we'll get you started with
  15. a development environment where you develop code for App Engine. And
  16. then, we'll introduce Conference Central, the application that we will build
  17. out throughout this course. At the end of this lesson, you'll have a
  18. working application running in the Google Cloud.
  19. Isn't that exciting? Let's go, shall we?