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  1. Let's answer this quiz by filling in our Venn diagram. I'm going to put the
  2. letters of M in this circle and we'll put the letters of Y in this circle. I
  3. should 1st look at M and Y to see which letters overlap between the sets. I know
  4. the letters a and t are in both of the sets, so I'm going to list those in, In
  5. the middle. We can remember that the letters in the middle are the inner
  6. section. It's what shared, or what's between m and y. So for the intersection of
  7. m and y, we have the set a and t. The other letters are just listed in their
  8. respective sets, And then for the union, we want to list everything once. So we
  9. have this set, the letters of m or the letters of y, the union.