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  1. Are you or a loved one starting to lose your hearing? If so, you may need
  2. DeciBoost, the affordable hearing aid. Have you ever wondered why we lose our
  3. hearing with age? Well, we hear because there are hair cells in our cochlea,
  4. our inner ear, and the smallest of these hair cells allows us to hear at the
  5. highest frequency of sounds. But with age these small hair cells are most
  6. likely to be damaged, leading to hearing loss and high frequency sounds. But
  7. with DesiBoost we can boost those high frequency sounds so you can hear them.
  8. Buy DesiBoost today. For our concert goers out there we created deciboost two.
  9. So, if you've been exposed regularly to sounds around 90dB, you may have early
  10. hearing loss. For example, a normal speaking voice is about 60dB. A jackhammer
  11. [NOISE]
  12. about 90dB. A very loud nightclub or concert can range [NOISE]
  13. from 100 to 120dB. [MUSIC]
  14. And a jet engine can reach 130 decibels. So, if you've been to a lot of loud
  15. nightclubs or rock concerts, come on in and see us or give us a call at
  16. 555-HEAR.