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  1. This first one looks very promising.
  2. Grace is a word. Grace is the word?
  3. Grease is the word.
  4. Hopper is a word, and 1906 could match a number.
  5. This looks very good.
  6. Here grace is a word, some white space,
  7. hopper is a word, some white space, 1 is a number,
  8. but because there's white space between the 1 and the 9,
  9. this is going to register as 4 different numbers instead of just one,
  10. so it doesn't match this specification exactly.
  11. Here we have grace followed by hopper in quotes,
  12. and as we've defined things previously,
  13. this actually does qualify as a word.
  14. Let's go back and see why.
  15. Remember that our definition for word was anything that's not a space,
  16. a left angle bracket or a right angle bracket, and the double quote
  17. certainly fits in there, so it may not be what we want right now,
  18. but if you are sharp and notice that this qualifies as a word
  19. under our rules, good eye.
  20. And then 1906 is a number.
  21. Here we have grace is the word, hopper is a word,
  22. one nine oh six is a word, so this is 3 words rather than 2 words and a number.
  23. And grace hopper is of particular significance to programming language and compiler people
  24. because she's the origin of the word "bug," meaning mistake in program.
  25. She is credited with finding the first computer bug, a moth
  26. that had worked its way into the machinery and removing it
  27. and recording it or what-not and thus repairing the problem.