Live your dream: a juggler's story | Gustavo Ollitta | TEDxCannes

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Gustavo Ollitta discovered juggling, by seeing a TED talk of Michael Moschen : since then, his passion did not leave him any more! He tells us about his experience and the numerous benefits of juggling. More than anything, he invites us to find a job which allows all of us to follow our passions in life.

In 2007, Gustavo Ollitta gives direction to his life by starting juggling, working on different types of “manipulations”. By 2010, he’s a professional. He performs at a number of festivals in his native Brasil. He is graduated from the School for Temporary Circus in Turin (Scuola Di Cirko le Vertige), which has really kickstarted his international career. His performances are a chance to share something truly unique.

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