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  1. It's a lot easier to visualize this data with a scatter plot. And if we look at
  2. all the values and draw and oval around them, it looks like there's a clear
  3. upward trend. This provides evidence in support of a higher temporal memory
  4. score with more sleep. However, we don't know that a higher temporal memory
  5. score will also result in a better test score, so we can't say this. This third
  6. option is the opposite of the trend that we can see here. And finally, there
  7. does look like there's a clear relationship between hours slept and temporal
  8. memory score. People who slept longer tended to have higher scores. People who
  9. slept less hours, tended to have lower scores. When we visualize data, it's
  10. usually a lot easier to draw conclusions.