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  1. Here's the F table and we would need to use the degrees of freedom that you
  2. found earlier. Since there were three groups, remember that there were two
  3. degrees of freedom. And there were three cows per group who consumed the food.
  4. There were nine total values and the degrees of freedom for within group
  5. variability was six. They intersect here at 5.1433. Our F statistic 27 is much
  6. greater then our F-critical value. It's out here somewhere in the critical
  7. region. Probably way out there. Therefore, we would accept the alternative. At
  8. least one pair of significant differences exists between the amount of food
  9. that cows ate. We summarize our results in our ANOVA table. This is how the
  10. results are typically presented, even when we use software.