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  1. A lot of teachers have to add up all their students scores to calculate final
  2. grades. When I was in middle school a lot of my teachers had a paper grade
  3. book, but by putting scores into a computer, teachers might save themselves
  4. some work. We're going to build a HomeworkScores class that will read all of
  5. the scores for one student and give useful summaries of their work. Eventually
  6. it will be able to calculate the total and average scores, and drop the lowest.
  7. But first it needs to read the scores for one student. I started the class for
  8. you. It'll save the scores in an array of doubles, which will be partially
  9. filled. We'll allow the teacher to enter whatever number of scores they feel
  10. like. Let's not worry about re-sizing for right now, we'll just make the array
  11. very big to start with. Before I ask you to implement the readScores method I
  12. want to show you one more thing that's going to help.