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  1. Hey, I'm Sterling Tadlock, and I'm from
  2. North Carolina, and I was adopted after birth.
  3. >> I'm Ryan Salvador, I'm from Maryland, and I'm lactose intolerant.
  4. >> I'm Carol Kushnir, I'm from Woodside, California, and I had the BROCA two
  5. mutation. Which predisposes me to the possibility of breast or ovarian cancer.
  6. >> I
  7. am Kagure Kabue, I'm from Kenya and I have dark skin,skin
  8. pigmentation as well as being preliminary that has a high frequency of sickle
  9. cell. I am Ginny Foos originally from Boston, but now from the
  10. Bay area. I have achondroplasia which is the most common form dwarfism.
  11. >> Great thank you so much for being here you know,
  12. as we go throughout the course we are going to talk a lot
  13. about in depth the biology of the traits that you
  14. guys are here to represent for us. We are going
  15. to teach gene regulation. We're going to teach inheritance patterns and
  16. dominance. We're going to teach about mutations and complex traits, as well
  17. as how to trace our lineage and family ancestry. and
  18. as we get on this journey to do this, it's
  19. probably a good idea for us to maybe better define
  20. the traits that we have. And that's not an easy process.
  21. Sometimes we have traits and, we may think they fit neatly
  22. in certain categories, but then we start thinking about them in
  23. different ways. And we think it's not so simple anymore. So,
  24. for anyone who's interested, I want you to sort of take
  25. the trait that you're sort of here to talk to us
  26. about in this course. And I want you to try to
  27. tell me, first if you think your trait is visible or
  28. hidden, and then physical or behavioral, and then innate or learned.
  29. And let's start with Jenny over here. What do you
  30. think about that? Do you think you're what's a what's a
  32. >> I think my trait is visual, visible.
  33. >>
  34. [LAUGH]
  35. Visible, huh?
  36. >> Visible, yes. I think that my, it, it's a physical issue. And at
  37. times an emotional issue. and I think it has shaped who I am, in a good way.
  38. >> Absolutely. Kugaray, what do you think? Tell us about let's focus on
  39. skin pigmentation. Would you classify that as a visible or a hidden trait?
  40. >> Visible.
  41. >> Visible,
  42. in general.
  43. >> Yes, a visible trait
  44. [UNKNOWN]
  45. Physical or behavioral?
  46. >> Physical.
  47. >> And innate or learned?
  48. >> It's innate.
  49. >> Innate. Right.
  51. So, pretty, that's more of a, I guess, more of
  52. a straightforward kind of like, achondroplasia and dwarfism. You know,
  53. they sort of fit into more easily defined categories. Carol,
  54. tell us a little bit about a BRCA 2 mutation.
  56. >> Well, BRCA2 mutation is invisible, and I
  57. didn't know I had BRCA2 mutation. And I, it's invisible.
  58. >> Mm-hm.
  59. >> And I did take steps once I found out. Took,
  60. I took steps to address
  61. the issue.
  62. >> Mm-hm. Are there any would you describe, obviously this seems
  63. to be an innate trait, right? It's not anything you could change.
  64. >> Right.
  65. >> And and is most likely a
  66. physical trait. And it manifests physically, not behaviorally.
  68. >> Right.
  69. >> In any real way.
  70. >> It could manifest, basically.
  71. >> It could. Exactly.
  72. >> Right now, it doesn't.
  73. >> Right, so it's sort of a little unclear, like,
  74. whether or not it will have an effect or it won't.
  75. >> Right.
  76. >> All right. Ryan, what about lactose intolerance?
  77. >> So in terms of visibility, that's a little trickier
  78. because it's not, you can't tell by looking at me that
  79. it, that I'm lactose intolerant. But if you watch me, you
  80. can, you can tell, kind of by my choices that I make
  81. while I'm eating. If I'm at a restaurant with friends,
  82. then you might be able to see, why aren't you eating
  83. that pizza. Or why are you taking a pill while
  84. you're eating your food. So that sense it's visible and hidden.
  85. >> Hm.
  86. >> But it's definitely.
  87. >> What about physical or behavioral as sort of the.
  88. >> Yeah, that's the same thing. So it's. Definitely the trait itself
  89. is physical, but it can manifest beha, it, it changes your behavior.
  90. >> Very interesting. And this is something learned or innate?
  91. >> it's definitely innate, but you learn that you have it.
  92. >>
  93. [LAUGH]
  94. Exactly. And Sterling, what about adoption, that's
  95. sort of a tricky kind of trait.
  96. >>
  97. [LAUGH]
  98. Wow, it, it's hard to define that as as a trait, because I have a whole host of
  99. traits that are all physical, hidden, innate, learned
  100. they fall into both categories, from all the traits that
  101. I have, I just don't know. You know my biological
  102. relatives, if they also had those traits and what, how
  103. their genetics contributed to the traits that I'm now expressing.