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  1. So we have all these fields added to the page
  2. layout in theory, so now I can go add a record.
  3. >> Yep, but don't forget to click save, because that's like the
  4. easiest thing to forget and then it just loses all of your work.
  5. >> Okay, I would never want to do something like that. Okay,
  6. cool. Now all of these fields are there, but obviously they are not
  7. populating yet. So I just goto Edit, and I'll fill up these fields.
  8. Okay, so there's going to be a ton of bands coming to this festival.
  9. >> Right.
  10. >> I guess this is the tedious part, where you have to enter
  11. them all in, or is there any other way we can do this?
  12. >> So, you can save this record, but
  13. there's a really way to take spreadsheets or
  14. more specifically CSVs And put them into SalesForce
  15. using what we call the custom import wizard.
  16. >> Okay.
  17. >> Let's just go into the setup and then we
  18. can import our CSV to load those records into SalesForce.
  19. >> Okay. So I want to import something,
  20. should I just search import up here?
  21. >> Yeah, don't try and memorize any click paths. Let's just search for
  22. the import. And there's a few import things. Which one should I use?
  23. >> Import Custom Objects is probably the safest bet.
  24. >> Okay.
  25. >> I don't trust anything in beta.
  26. >>
  27. [LAUGH]
  28. Fair enough.
  29. >> This here tells you all the steps that you need in order
  30. to be able to import custom objects, but we'll just walk through it ourselves.
  31. >> Uh-huh.
  32. >> Don't need to read all that text.
  33. >> And we have this CSV that you showed me here, this spreadsheet.
  34. >> Right.
  35. >> Band spreadsheet.
  36. >> Yeah, so we have all of our fields
  37. along the top and then each row represents a record.
  38. >> Mm-hmm.
  39. >> And, if for any reason, let's say, you spelled your fields
  40. different than the way we have it up ion the column names or
  41. column headers, we could just manually match them.
  42. It will automatically try to do it for
  43. you, but if anything is mis-spelled, or anything
  44. like that, you could manually map them yourselves.
  45. >> Okay, cool. So let's close this and start the Import Wizard?
  46. >> Let's do it.
  47. >> Choose the type of record you are importing. That would be band.
  48. >> Do you want to prevent duplicates from being created?
  49. >> Yeah, I don't want two bands with the same name.
  50. >> Right. That's right. We want to
  51. make sure the band names are unique.
  52. >> Okay.
  53. >> Got it.
  54. >> Existing records are found, what do you want to do? There won't be, so
  55. I guess it doesn't really matter. What's
  56. this mean, which user field are you including?
  57. >> Well, since we're not including any user fields, we can
  58. just leave it as default. Or, I guess we could put None.
  59. >> Okay.
  60. >> Yup.
  61. >> And, what about this? Which look up fields, if any, are
  62. included in your input file? Our spreadsheet didn't have a stage on
  63. it, right?
  64. >> Right. So I should not click it.
  65. >> Yes.
  66. >> Yes, I should not?
  67. >> You should not click it. Yes
  68. [LAUGH].
  69. Now we need to choose this CSV file. So, look it
  70. up on your computer, and add in those, those bands. All
  71. right. And you can leave that as default.
  72. >> Okay. We haven't ran any workflow rules,
  73. so we don't need to check that box.
  74. >> Okay Field Mapping. Is this that stuff you were
  75. talking about where Band name, band name oh that looks good.
  76. >> Yeah so it's map some of them because they're exactly the same as what
  77. they are in your CSV, but for some of them like has piano. Needs Piano.
  78. >> Okay so
  79. I'll go ahead and change those. So we actually didn't add special requests as a
  80. field in our, in our band objects so
  81. I can just say ignore those special requests.
  82. >> Yeah.
  83. >> And the same thing with expected draw?
  84. >> Yes. And it tells you there that those values will
  85. not be imported. That's fine and you can just click okay.
  86. >> Import now.
  87. >> Awesome. So, it's basically just going
  88. to put it into a queue. It'll import
  89. it when it can. And then you'll get an email, when it's done.
  90. >> Cool. All right, so, we're finished.