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  1. Here are the factor pairs for negative 20. In the first three factor pairs I
  2. made the first number negative and the second three factor pairs I made the
  3. second number negative. The only factor pair that adds to negative one is four
  4. and negative five. So these must be the answer and we could have switched these
  5. around. I could have had the 4 over here and the negative 5 on this side too.
  6. These are the factor pairs for negative 24. I want to find the factor pair that
  7. has a sum of negative 5. That would be 3 and negative 8. So those set is to be
  8. my factors. Here are the factor pairs for negative 36. I've only made the first
  9. set negative. I know negative 4 and 9 sum to 5 so this should be my answers to
  10. the number puzzle. Now if none of these factor pairs added to 5, I would have
  11. made this column positive and this column negative. Then I could continue
  12. searching.