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  1. The first reuse aspect we will look at is how to control the traffic which is
  2. sent to a device. This is also known as the Test writer interface. At the
  3. moment, in our packet driver, we have a list of packets. And then, at time 0 in
  4. the run phase, we kick off a tcm called send_packets. This has a for each loop
  5. and goes over our packetstosend list, and sends each individual packet to the
  6. device. Over time, this looks like this. At time 0, we generate our list of
  7. packets, and then as time advances, we sent each individual packet to the
  8. device. So, as a Test writer, you know you can control the traffic by applying
  9. constraints to this packetstosend list. And you also know that at time 0, the
  10. tcm will kick off and send older packets to your device. However, there is a
  11. problem with this approach. Is it A, it takes too long to send packets? B,
  12. there is a memory consumption issue. Or C, we can not control how many packets
  13. will be sent.