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  1. Hi, how are you doing?
  2. Justin here with another
    quick tip for you.
  3. And this one is pretty random indeed
    but very, very cool and effective.
  4. It just seems really funny.
  5. I'd better admit straight away
    that I stole this
  6. off my buddy Dario Cortese,
    great guitar player,
  7. we were just doing a workshop
  8. over in Italy last weekend.
  9. He mentioned this thing
    and I just thought,
  10. I thought it was a joke at first
  11. and I didn't really believe it.
  12. Then i tried it and it worked.
  13. I'm going to share this with you
  14. because it's just so weird.
  15. So, many of you will have noticed before,
  16. especially if you are doing
    those kinds of licks like -
  17. lots of slidey sort of stuff,
  18. fingers can sometimes feel
    a little bit abrasive on the strings.
  19. There's things that you can buy,
  20. like there's stuff called
  21. Fast Fret that I used to use
  22. when I was a teenager
    to lube up the strings a bit.
  23. Actually, you don't need to bother
    doing all that sort of stuff
  24. because we've got a natural lubricant
    hiding in our eyebrows and in our hair.
  25. Just try this, you won't believe me,
  26. I didn't believe it
    until I tried it either.
  27. If you just rub your fingers
  28. up one of the strings,
  29. not the wound strings,
  30. they are always going to feel
  31. a bit gritty, but say the third string.
  32. Run your fingers up and down the string
    and feel how abrasive it is.
  33. Then get your fingers together,
    and give them a rub on your eyebrow
  34. and then do it again, and you'll feel
    it's so much easier.
  35. It's really lubed up your fingers,
  36. which means that you can
    slide about on the guitar a lot easier.
  37. It's just such a weird, random thing,
  38. I almost can't believe
    that I'm actually letting this out
  39. into the wider world
    because it sounds really weird.
  40. But it works.
    It's really effective.
  41. If you fingers are kind of
    grating on the strings
  42. and you can feel them rubbing
  43. then it's going to wear
    the skin out on your fingers,
  44. wear the calluses,
    and you don't want that.
  45. You want to keep them
    nice and solid.
  46. So, yeah. Very random
    but very effective.
  47. I'll pass on the credit now.
  48. Again, I nicked this
    off my buddy Dario Cortese,
  49. I'll put a link up to his website
    in the description here.
  50. Fantastic country guitar player,
  51. a master of many different styles
    but an incrdible player.
  52. A specialist in country stuff,
  53. he's got a YouTube channel
    with loads of guitar lessons on it,
  54. the country ones are amazing.
  55. You definitely want to
    check that out as well.
  56. I hope you'll have a little bit of fun
  57. lubing up your fingers
    with your eyebrows
  58. or you know, I don't have
    a whole lot of hair so...
  59. I could probably scrape out
    enough oil to use my hair
  60. but the eyebrows,
    especially when you've got
  61. massive eyebrows like mine,
    which seem to work a treat.
  62. But if you've got lots of hair,
    just a quick rub
  63. will sort it out as well.
  64. What a random quick tip this is.
  65. Anyway, I hope it helps you
    slide around on the guitar easier.
  66. I'll see you for plenty more
    lessons and songs
  67. and all sorts of stuff very soon.
  68. Take care of yourself, bye bye.