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Rebirth - Motivational Video


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Chapter 2 - Episode 6

Sixteenth Motivational Video 'Rebirth' NON PROFIT
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I started this because one day I was trying to teach myself how to work with this editing programme 'Final Cut Pro'.
Making a motivational video was the first thing that came up to my mind.
I remember the very first time I saw one. It was the very first time since my depression I didn't feel so alone anymore.

I decided recently to make motivational videos as a form of training to become a better film maker in the future. I hope you people will like it and that it might actually change you.
It helped me trough a lot and still does.

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Titan lives in all of us.

- Rebirth -Michal Cielecki

- Anthony Robbins
- Les Browm
- Eric Thomas

Starring movies:
- Ender's game
- Mr. Noboddy
- Interstellar

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