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  1. Here is my answer. There is a lot of variation in exactly how you want the grammar to look.
  2. But I just went through the grammar on the json.org webpage,
  3. started to write it down, made sure I wrote it in the correct order.
  4. They had things like members goes to pair or pair, members,
  5. and I had to make sure to put the longer element first,
  6. because that's the way our parser works.
  7. Other than that, it was straightforward.
  8. I abbreviated a little bit.
  9. I didn't get into spelling out the individual digits.
  10. I kind of stuck them together into longer regular expressions
  11. to take advantage of that rather than break it out all the way.
  12. But either way you did it, if you get it to parse, you've done the job and congratulations.