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  1. >> So if you scroll down to the Related List, you'll see that little
  2. Wrench there, and that allows you to
  3. customize what columns show up in that table.
  4. >> Okay, so we're on the Stage Record. So what would you
  5. want, if you're looking at a stage, you'd probably want to know.
  6. >> What band is playing.
  7. >> What band,
  8. >> What time they're playing.
  9. >> Yeah.
  10. >> What day they're playing.
  11. >> The status.
  12. >> Yeah. So basically all those fields.
  13. >> So Band, Band Name.
  14. >> And you definitely want to leave the Set Time Name
  15. there, even though it's not too useful for
  16. us, because that's going to be what allows
  17. you to click into the Set Time Record itself. It will link you to that record.
  18. >> Okay, cool, Save. I knew this time. That is much better. Code
  19. Against the Machine and of course we haven't actually specified a day or time.
  20. >> Right, so, let's go.
  21. >> Let's do some cleanup.
  22. >> Yeah. Let's go fix the
  23. Set Time Record, add those fields to the
  24. Page Layout, and we're going to have the same problem
  25. with not having a related list on Bands. So,
  26. let's also do this on the Band Record also.
  27. >> Okay, sounds good.