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  1. (noise: cardiogram with beating heart)

  2. (noise: flat cardiogram)
  3. Warning - unreachable site. By application of the 669/CONS deliberation of 2010-10-17 about
  4. the exercise of the Authority's competencies in the protection of copyright in electronic communication
  5. networks, the requested site is unreachable because it violates the norms
  6. mentioned in the above deliberation.
  7. For further information about the Warranting Authority for Communications, see the institutional site
  9. From March on, the Warranting Authority for Communications will endow itself with the power to automatically censure
  10. contents and whole web sites under suspicion of copyright violation
  11. No judges
  12. No parliamentary decision
  13. We gave birth to a revolution
  14. (noise: cardiogram with beating heart)
  15. Now we must rescue it
  16. (noise: cardiogram with beating heart)
  17. Sign the letter to stop the new rules and share the video via