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  1. We've come a long way in this course.
  2. >> Yeah.
    >> Some of our students may be feeling
  3. ecstatic that they built
    these couple of apps.
  4. >> Yeah.
    Although some of them may be feeling
  5. a little bit pensive because they
    realize that there is a lot to learn.
  6. >> There is, and
    I can empathize with that feeling.
  7. When I first started at Google,
    I felt out of place.
  8. I didn't know why they hired me.
  9. I just felt like an impostor.
  10. >> Like impostor syndrome?
  11. >> Exactly, but then I realize that
    other people also feel the same thing,
  12. and that made me feel more at ease.
  13. >> Wow, thanks for sharing.
  14. Let's do the same thing for
    our students next.
  15. >> Okay.
  16. >> Here are some Googlers sharing
    their stories of feeling out of place.