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Sharp Portable Air Conditioner CV2P10SX Review


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The CV2P10SX sharp portable air conditioner is library-quiet bucketless cooling unit. It is easy to move from one place to another. Its cooling system is sleek, its design attractive, and overall stylish. It has fully functional plasmacluster ion generator so the air it emits is not only cool, but also refreshed. The odor within the room is reduced while the air conditioner unit is operating. The remote control has its own LCD display so users can operate on the unit from anywhere. It comes with window adapter kit for venting the hot air, while keeping insects and rain at bay.

Sharp Portable Air Conditioner Features

Sharp CV2P10SX air conditioner is portable and quiet. It is best for cooling bedrooms, living rooms, and any areas that need cooling down the room temperature. It has 10,500 BTU power capacity without the permanent installation requirement. With such power, it can cool down a place as huge as 350 square feet. offers the best deals on Sharp Portable Air Conditioner. For more details about such deals, click here.

It has dehumidifying feature to eradicate 60 points of air moisture for 24 hours. The remote control can be used to adjust the three cooling speeds, thee fan speeds, four easy roll casters for easier mobility, and automatic oscillating louvers. It has all the components necessary for venting out the hot exhaust air.

The sharp portable air conditioner uses plasmacluster ion technology to release the negative ions into the room and thus remove the contaminants that cause bad odor. The automatic oscillating louvers allow the users to adjust the direction of air distribution within the room, while the roll casters allow users to transfer the air conditioner unit from one area to another.

Other important features of Sharp CV2P10SX include:

Flexible exhaust hose
Window kit easy installation
Built-in air purification system

Sharp Portable Air Conditioner Specifications

The Sharp CV2P10SX measures 32.75 inches in height, 19.75 inches in width, and 17.75 inches depth. It weighs 88 pounds, uses 115 volts for power supply. Its noise level is 43 decibels and the refrigerant it uses is R410A, which is eco-friendly.

Sharp Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

The Sharp CV2P10SX has been rated as the quietest portable air conditioner. It ranks 9th on Amazon’s Home and Garden category, heating, cooling and air quality sub category, and air conditioners and accessories sub-sub category.

Sharp portable air conditioner garnered 4.5 star ratings with seven customer reviews. All 19 people who read the reviews found the reviews to be specifically helpful.

Users who participated in reviews mentioned that Sharp CV2P10SX has a bucketless design that makes using the unit more convenient and hassles-free. There is no need to empty water tank because it has a built-in condensate disposal system which causes the water to exhaust through its hose.

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Sharp portable air conditioner is user-friendly. With its all functional remote control, it is easy to operate on the air conditioner unit. Everything can be controlled using the remote controller anywhere inside the room. The choices are plenty and it is easy to identify the settings because the controller has LED indicator lights.

It can also be moved from one place to another with its easy roll casters, while the window adapter kit makes it easy to install with choices of double hang and sliding windows. The Sharp portable air conditioner also ensures the insects and rain are kept at bay.

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