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05-29 Value_Proposition_Questions

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  1. Some of the questions you might want to be asking as you're outside the building now
  2. talking to customers is competition.
  3. Competition kind of exists outside the business model canvas.
  4. Think of the canvas now floating in a world
  5. where other people's business model canvases are floating as well.
  6. And so just kind of take a step back and go,
  7. "Well, who else is out there and what are they doing?"
  8. The next thing you want to be asking, again outside the canvas,
  9. why is this problem so hard to solve, or why is this service not being done by other people?
  10. It might be that, hopefully, you really do have an insight or breakthrough.
  11. Or it might be you're hallucinating.
  12. And so you really do need to keep asking that question
  13. not only to yourself; go ask it to the people you're talking to.
  14. Ask them, "Has anybody done this?" and if they go, "Yeah, we've never seen this,"
  15. ask them why. "Why do you think?"
  16. You might get some insight, like, "Oh yeah, there have been 9 vendors
  17. "in the last 3½ years who tried this, and they all failed."
  18. Warning: You might want to investigate why that happened.
  19. Hopefully you have a different approach or different insight than anybody else.
  20. As we kept talking about earlier, market size.
  21. We're going to be talking about how to size the market at the end of this lecture.
  22. But you really do want to understand how big is this problem,
  23. and is this what we want to spend our next couple years doing?
  24. And then finally, as we said, how do you do it once you understand the customer needs?