What if Our Galaxy Contained a Powerful Quasar? - Ask the Experts #21

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Leave your questions in the comment section. The question with the most "likes" will be answered in the next video, along with two additional questions. Thanks for watching!



1. If the supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy were to suddenly become a powerful quasar, what would it mean to life here on earth? --Barrows0re

2. If nothing comes out of black holes, how come Gamma rays shoot from the poles? --Mokhtar MOHAMMADIAN

3. How does Hawking radiation make black holes smaller to the point of disappearing --Jon Therkildsen


Gabe Perez-Giz is a research scientist at New York University's Center for Cosmology & Particle Physics.

Find out more about Gabe: http://goo.gl/yYSCa
WATCH Gabe's lecture on black holes at New York University: http://goo.gl/garz2


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